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Technology Acquisitions 

This course provides a practical project management approach to technology acquisition. The organizational strategic tasks related to technology acquisition and project management are covered. Students will actively participate in a seven-stage project process for technology acquisition, from the initiation phase to the closing operations phase.

Our Teams

Click on any of the teams below to learn more about their projects. 

Team 1: Xbirt IT Services

This team worked with Xbirt IT Services, a local Managed Service Provider in the IT space, to find a higher quality RMM tool which would allow for easier operation of Xbirt's service while also adding value through better support.

Team 2: Sasaki Design 

This team partnered with Sasaki Design, a global multi focus design firm, to find new software to meet their project needs. 

Team 3: 


This team worked with TireTutor, a marketplace website that allows you to compare the prices and availability of tires near you. The team worked on helping find a new email system for the company to use

Team 4: YMCA

This team worked with the YMCA of Greater Boston, a local nonprofit organization in order to improve the reporting methods used for the YMCA Food Distribution Program 

Team 5: Outdoor Apparel & Equipment Company 

This team partnered with the creative department of a company to find a new project management software that would foster further 

collaboration and organization of products.  

Our Services

Want find out more about our sponsors?

This semester we were lucky to partner up with many businesses from a variety of backgrounds and have many different purposes. To find out more about who we worked with, click "Learn More"

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